This is My Story: Think Big and Do It Now

It began as a dream. My grandma was born in Sweden. My grandpa’s family came from England. They met each other in St. Louis and married. Then they joined a wagon train to the west coast in the early 1900’s. They lived in Bremerton, Washington and together they started a mattress company. She sewed them and he sold them. They prospered and in 1947, they retired and moved to Seabeck on Hood Canal and became farmers. I was born the same year. It was the largest birth rate for one year in American History, even to this day. My grandparents were kind and soft spoken people. And very diligent. Each year they grew some 50 varieties of fruits, vegetables and berries. At harvest time, they filled their cellar with food that lasted an entire year for our family. I walked by the gardens in the early morning and smelled the food growing all around me. They also went down to the beach and filled their wheelbarrow with oysters. Mom cooked me oyster stew and my favorite, fried oysters often. I loved Seabeck. I woke up each morning at the break of dawn when I heard the chickens in the hen house. We had fresh poultry and eggs. The local dairy delivered fresh bottled milk to our porch in the mornings. The doctor that delivered me came out to see us every six months to check if we were healthy and well.
Grandpa and Dad built a second home in 1952 with their own hands. After Mom, Dad and I moved into our new home, I fell asleep each night listening to the creek that was twenty feet outside my bedroom window. I caught rainbow trout in the summer and mom also cooked them on the stove for me. When school was out, I played all summer with the neighborhood children. My closest neighbor had eight children. We played together barefoot for three months. We had two favorite past times. We made hidden villages in the forest. And on a warm summer day, we got up early and walked up the creek two miles with a pack lunch, ax and a rope. We would cut down a tree, make logs and tie them together with the rope. Then we would float slowly down the creek all day. I liked to lay on my back and watch the trees and the clouds pass by. And think about nothing at all. In the afternoon our raft floated into the Seabeck Bay and we got sun tans and swam until it was time to go home for supper. It was perfect.
My father began flying airplanes when he was 16. He became a stunt pilot and flew upside down and walked on the wings on this bi-plane before he drove a car. He drew pictures of antique airplanes with a pencil and a piece of paper and flew planes for about 60 years. I began to draw pictures with a pencil and a piece of paper of the mountains by our home at age nine and became a designer to this day.