Did you know that all of my prints are created on 4 color lithographic print presses with strong 100 pound card stock?!

Your Gulf Coast prints beach scenes were designed to fit EXACTLY into standard 11"x14" matte frames. My personal favorite color is antique white! And my favorite Frame is 15"x18" cherrywood!

Now with that information, where can you get these fine frames? Well let me in on a little secret. You might have guessed by the title of this page, but if not let me help you. THEY are both available at HOBBY LOBBY all over the United States!

You can purchase both matte and frame at super low prices and they even install the prints together for you in minutes for free. YES, FREE!

Oh and one more little secret, every other week these frames are 50% off! Your prints will be very elegant and permanent gift for yourself and for friends or family, especially around the holidays!

Did you know that the Pike Place Market print is 22" x 28" and will look very elegant with a soft yellow matte and redwood frame.

Don't forget the PIke Place Market print is a historical print! The city leaders decided decades ago not to allow any changed to the entrance. It looks exactly the same as it did when it was drawn on a beautiful August summer afternoon as the locals showed up to buy dinner to take home with them! Get creative and you will be very pleased at how all 7 prints will cost you only $150 but in the end will look worth more than $600! Imagine the thoughts of your friends or family or even yourself will feel as they see them light up any room in your house!

(Click on the hobby lobby picture above to find locations near you!)

Quality is King!